Global Woman Club Mayfair London
Tuesday 23rd April

Date: Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Time: 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM (London Time)

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel, 20 Warwick St, London W1B 5NF

Global Woman Club Mayfair London

In-Person Networking Event

Date: Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Time: 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM (London Time)

    "If You Want To Empower A Woman, Give Her A Microphone"

    - By Mirela Sula, Founder & CEO Global Woman

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    Global Woman Club Mayfair London (In-Person)

    Tuesday - 23rd April 2024 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM (London-mayfair Time)
    Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel, 20 Warwick St, London W1B 5NF

    Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to expand your network or an aspiring entrepreneur, Global Woman Club London Mayfair will support your business growth and provide amazing networking opportunities with like-minded business owners and investors.

    Join us if you want to build relationships, make valuable connections and learn from inspiring guest speakers how to overcome challenges, navigate through uncharted territories and build thriving enterprises from the ground up.

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    About the event: If you have been following Global Woman Club and the work we do around the world to empower women you may know that we focus in two areas.

    1. We help women build their confidence

    2. We help women make their own money

    How do we do it? We have our mantra: If You want to empower a woman, give her a microphone. How can the microphone empower women? Well, we know that in order to start their own business they need more confidence. And confidence is not something you can learn by reading books, you need to take action. This is exactly what we do, we encourage women to take a microphone and come on stage to share with us: What’s their purpose? What’s their vision? If they don’t know it yet, we help them to find it. The mic has so much power, and by coming on stage, they stand in their power. That power can also reflect success toward their projects or new ventures. This in return can reflect into real business with other like minded women. We bring them together with networking events and just in a short time they see the difference.

    The Fastest Growing Network for Women Globally

    Build Your Community - Learn Online - Grow Your Business

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    About Regional Director of Global Woman
    - London Mayfair Angela Hammond

    Before joining the team as the Head of Marketing at Global Woman Club I was enjoying being a member. I fell in love with the community, the values, the culture and the people I met here. Life changing. My involvement deepened as I explored public speaking, PR, and marketing, realms that were entirely new to me. The moment the opportunity to join the team presented itself, I leaped at the chance, eager to leverage my 25 years of experience in supporting and transforming businesses.

    You can SPEAK to a global audience and gain greater visibility for you and your brand, business, project or mission, by being an influencer member of Global Woman Club.

    We also have great online activities. Weekly masterclasses, online course and monthly online "Zoom" virtual networking meeting which gives you the opportunity to network with our members around the world. Just have your own food and drink with you for the meeting and come and enjoy a like minded global community of inspiring women.

    In addition to in-person events, every month you can join numerous online meetings

    Joining Global Woman Club in-person or online networking events will give you the opportunity to connect with a worldwide audience and increase visibility for yourself, your business and your mission.

    Online networking meetings are run on Zoom and structured similarly to in-person events, but with the added convenience of being able to take part in the event from the comfort of your home or office.

    You Are In The Right Place. At Global Woman You Will Find Your Power!

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    What Makes The Global Woman Club Networking Breakfast So Special?

    Global Woman Club Networking Breakfast meetings have evolved from the Global Woman magazine where many great and inspirational stories have been shared. If you ask anyone who has ever attended our events, they will say that it is very unique and different to any others they have been to. It has a positive, vibrant and supportive energy, and everyone is open and authentic.

    Our Networking Breakfasts help building relationships and collaborations within a culturally diverse group of successful women who work in a broad range of professions and industries. What they share in common is their passion for social goodness and purpose in everything they do: for entrepreneurs, it is to profit with a purpose, for career professionals - to succeed with a purpose. It is the combination of all these magical ingredients that sprinkle a glowing sense of empowerment and happiness. United, we are stronger and ready to face any challenges that we are experiencing or may face.

    Our aim is to connect women in business around the world. We all come from different countries, have different cultural backgrounds and are at different stages of life, but we all have one thing in common - the drive and the passion to succeed in business or chosen career. Global Woman Business Clubs help women build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in whatever they do. We also help women build their brand and create awareness about their projects through the Global Woman media platform.

    Non-members can attend any Club events, and then decide if they want to join the Global Woman community. Members can attend any in-person or online Club networking events in any location and speak to the event audience every time.

    Remember, When You Join One Global Woman Club, You Become A Member Of All Global Woman Clubs & The Growing Global Family Community.

    A Message From Mirela Sula

    In the last 8 years I have been traveling around the world and I have met thousands of women with a big desire to grow, expand and go global.

    You perhaps wanted to have launched your business earlier, or you don't feel you are not prepared now. The good news is that, you are still on time to start building your personal brand, your Global Platform, and grow your confidence by being part of Global Woman and feel the power the support group that you will find here.

    Discover benefits of being a member of Global Woman Club

    1. As a member, you can attend any Global Woman Club meeting organised around the world, and speak in front of an international audience. You can network, create meaningful connections, share your story, seek help, offer your help and promote your projects
    2. You can promote and sell your business services and keep 100% of revenue
    3. Our members have an exclusive opportunity to join our in-person and online meetings to promote their projects, and we broadcast their message on all our platforms including the Global Woman Lobby
    4. We run numerous online meetings each month
    5. All Global Woman members have complimentary access to Global Woman Online Academy
    6. As a Global Woman Club member, you will have access to the Member's Lounge - a powerful platform created for private communication between members of Global Woman Club all over the world
    7. You can join weekly online Mastermind sessions with world class speakers, trainers and experts, and take part in the Q&A
    8. We record all meetings and Masterminds, and our members can access the recordings at any time from the online library content in Global Woman Academy
    9. As a new member, you will be warmly welcomed to a small mentoring group with Global Woman CEO Mirela Sula - this is something that our members value a lot! We provide monthly group mentoring for all members on the 26th of each month, so please save the date!


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